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Adding filters to an online store helps your customers quickly find the products they are looking for, thus improving conversion and the average order value. 

There are several options to filter products in a Shopify store: to use the basic filtering available in your theme, install an app, or modify your theme’s code.

Use default theme settings

Some themes have enhanced filtering as part of their code, you can check these settings from your theme editor. If your theme has this functionality by default, all you need is to add tags to products and enjoy the results. If your theme lacks filtering functionality, you may want to consider changing the theme, especially if you are just starting out. 

Use an app 

If you’d like to keep the current theme, which doesn’t have the filtering you need, another way to go would be to install one of the apps from the Shopify App Store. The apps differ by the provided functionality and monthly fees and may have an impact on the performance of your store. However, if the app is chosen carefully, it can quickly provide the results you need. 

Edit the theme’s code

Setting up custom filtering once and for all can be a perfect solution if you’d like to keep a smooth performance of your store and not to pay the recurring charges for using an app. There are many specifics depending on the theme you are using that should be considered while coding, so we recommend that these changes would be made only by professional Shopify developers. 

We can help you:

  • Add displaying of color in circles;
  • Add filtration;
  • Add sorting;
  • Change filter styles;
  • Change sort styles.

Our team can help you implement the custom filtering and sorting by options that would look and work the way you want. Just order the task and get the job done!

5 reviews for Add Shopify filtration and sort by options

  1. Ana J. Clark

    I needed to implement the custom filter for my clothing store. And I already lost hope of getting what I wanted. I spoke to several experts who all told me it was impossible in Shopify. But Kirill assured me that his team could do it. And this is amazing, but they succeeded! I had to wait a bit, but the result was worth it. The filter looks and works the way I wanted. I recommend this team of professionals to everyone. The guys are not afraid to take on what others refuse.

  2. Dominique Frost

    I approached SpurIT since I wanted to display featured products on the product pages of my store. And the task was completed in a timely manner and without any problems. This block looks exactly the way I wanted. Thank you for your work!

  3. Julian Mckinsley

    We wanted to change the logic for displaying featured products to custom. The guys at SpurIT have been excellent throughout the whole process. They did everything we asked by the deadline we agreed on while staying under our budget.

  4. Kent Rocha

    I’m very happy with the work done by SpurIT. They have patiently listened and understood the need and work. Kirill is knowledgable and easy to communicate with. Your project is in good hands with him.

  5. K. Johnson

    Great job!!!

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