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Product details on Shopify

Product details in your Shopify store will help your customers to get all the needed information on the product and place an order. Product information is filled in when the product is uploaded to the store, but you can add all the additional details later, by editing the product page.
Among the product details are:

  • title;
  • description;
  • images or videos;
  • pricing (like price, the “compare at” price, tax code);
  • inventory (SKU, barcode, inventory policy, quantity, incoming);
  • shipping (weight, country, HS code, fulfillment service);
  • product variants;
  • search engines listing preview;
  • product availability;
  • organization (product type, vendor, collections, tags).

You don’t need to include all of them into your product detail page template or make your product description too detailed, just add the ones that are relevant to your business.

Regarding the payments product details, you can set up all most common payment providers from your Shopify admin.

How to split product description on Shopify

The default way to display a product description is by showing it like a single piece of text. But there are other ways, like splitting the description or making it collapsible.

Making your product description split means dividing the whole text into multiple separate sections or paragraphs.
A collapsible product description means that you again split it into different sections, but their text expands only after clicking on the sections title. Both of the ways are either custom coding and customizing your product description HTML.

8 reviews for Edit Shopify Product Details

  1. Gayla Hovis

    Kirill and his team are efficient, highly capable and have in-depth knowledge about Shopify.

  2. Matt Clark

    Quickly and effectively!

  3. Paul Jaberwokie

    We turned to Spurit with the task of adding information about products: their descriptions and details. This is our second store with more than 2,000 items, so we didn’t have the opportunity and time to do it ourselves, and we wanted to launch the store as soon as possible. Kirill and his team did everything right and on time. They also gave some tips to improve the product pages. We will contact them again.

  4. Angela Tucker

    I like it!!!

  5. Christopher F. Smith

    Thank you SpurIT!

  6. Tinica Stephens

    SpurIT helped me with the development of the product detail page template for a reasonable price. I can note that these guys have really deep knowledge of the Shopify platform. I recommend this company if you are faced with the limitations of the theme, or want to create something special on your site.

  7. Francis N.

    Provided fast response and got the job done completely. I will return for more project.

  8. T. Neval

    Awesome work!

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