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Custom variants on Shopify

In your store there’s a possibility to add, display and edit different product variants.
By default on Shopify one product can be presented in three different options: you can select them from the presets offered in the Shopify admin (like size, color, etc.) or set the custom options you need. The product options in their turn can be split into option values: small, medium and large sizes, different colors or material types, and so on. And one specific combination of different option values makes up one variant for a product.

Adding variants to Shopify store

On Shopify you can add only 100 variants and not more than 3 options to a product. This doesn’t depend on your Plan and is a default setting for all stores on the platform.
Here are the ways to add unlimited product variants or options.

  • You can add more than 100 product variants or more than 3 product options only by customizing your theme code, or by installing an app from the Shopify App Store.
  • Adding tags to variants of your products is possible only by customizing your theme code.
  • You can add a variant to the existing product from your Shopify admin. There’s also a possibility to add and edit variants in bulk instead of doing it one by one.

Hiding variants on Shopify store

It’s also possible to hide the elements you don’t need.

  • To hide out of stock or sold out variants you need to remove or temporarily disable them. It can be done manually by rearranging the layout of your product page from the admin panel of your Shopify store in some themes, or by customizing the code in others.
  • To hide variant dropdown when a product is presented in one variant but it is still shown in the dropdown selector you need to customize your theme code.

Show variants as separate products on Shopify

A product can be split into individual product variants based on different options from your import list in the Admin panel.

6 reviews for Edit Shopify Product Variants

  1. Jayme Kruse

    The work done by Spurit for us is above expectation. I highly recommend this company.

  2. Donald K.

    We are happy with the new variants feature on our product pages. Thanks again!

  3. Katherine Beason

    They were professional, communicated well, and addressed all my concerns in a timely fashion.

  4. Shannon Bator

    I hired SpurIT to add custom variants of products to my Shopify store product pages. Kirill carefully listened to my ideas, polished them and did even better than I could think of myself. This is really the case when someone knows what you need better than you do. My analytics assistant pointed out to me that visitors are actively interacting with the new options, and it really affects sales. I am very satisfied with the work done. And if I need to make new improvements, I will definitely ask Kirill for help.

  5. Andrew Parker

    Quick and did exactly what I wanted! I will recommend this company to all store owners.

  6. Todd B.

    SpurIT did an amazing job helping us to update our product page.

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