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What is pagination?

Pagination is the way to split all information in a store into individual pages, with the so-called pagination controls located at the top or the bottom of a page. 

Pagination limit

The number of products on Shopify is limited to 50 products per page. It is done to maintain server load balance, and this number can not be overcome because of the default platform limitations.

Accessible pagination

Pagination can be made accessible to people with web-related disabilities according to the WCAG standards, which will help you to help the community and avoid possible legal consequences. 

Here at ShurIT we have a dedicated web accessibility department and can not only make the pagination within the store accessible but also help you solve other web accessibility issues. 

How to customize pagination in a theme

Within the Shopify ecosystem, pagination is a necessary part of a theme. Although it is sometimes possible to partially manage pagination via theme settings, any substantial changes can be done only via coding. For an inexperienced developer, it may take hours or even days to get the desired result on their own, while our team have been working with Shopify for over a decade now and can do it for you quickly and easily.

We can help you:

  • solve a vast array of pagination problems that may occur within a store;
  • make the pagination in your store accessible;
  • customize pagination controls to fit your design;
  • adding the “View all” button on collection pages;
  • and many more.

Just order a small task and get big results for your online business fast!

Please kindly note that the price can change based on your specific requirements.

2 reviews for Edit Shopify Pagination

  1. Karen Byrne

    I had many duplicate pages on my site due to pagination problems. I turned to Kirill for help, since I tried to solve it myself, but did not get the desired result. He solved my problem quickly and at an affordable price. He also made a SEO evaluation of my theme. He really has an excellent understanding of all the nuances of theme customizing and has deep knowledge of online marketing. He helped me to choose the right direction. I did not think that I would get such a result by ordering a small task. Thank you again!

  2. Stanley J. Wasil

    Really enjoy working with SpurIT!

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