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Creating a quiz for your eCommerce store is a great marketing feature that not only helps customers to choose the most suitable products, but is also extremely beneficial for your SEO. Custom quizzes and tests of any kind motivate customers to spend more time on the website, thus improving behavioral factors and as a result, your SERP rankings.

Product recommendation quizzes on Shopify

Product finder quizzes can be displayed to your customers as:

  • a separate page;
  • a pop-up;
  • a part of an already existing page.

Quizzes consist of a set of multiple-choice questions, with each question narrowing all options further until finding the final answer. This final answer page suggests to customers a product specifically tailored to their needs.

There’s also an option to provide customers with a special offer or discount on the recommended product if they buy it from a product recommendation quizzes on your Shopify store.

The client always retains full control over quiz management, and can add or change:

  • questions;
  • images;
  • possible answers;
  • recommended products.

We can build quizzes of any complexity and with any level of customization, but the most popular options among our clients are quizzes from 3 to 5 questions. Such small and medium-sized quizzes are managed in the theme itself. Quizzes with a complex structure and extensive logic can require app development.

You can also create different forms of quizzes, such as questionnaires, surveys, or polls. The product quiz estimate depends on its design and the logic behind it.

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