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To help your international customers enjoy viewing the content in their native language, your Shopify store can be made multilingual. It is possible to translate the theme itself, product descriptions, and store pages, including checkout.

There is a range of requirements for a store to be made multilingual:

  • it should be on one of the Shopify plans that allows selling in different languages;
  • there should be installed a supported third-party translational app;
  • the theme installed in the store should have the functionality of selling in different languages;
  • there is a language selector available in the theme.

Multilingual plans

Except for Shopify Lite, each plan gives you the option to sell in up to 20 languages from a single Shopify store.

A translation app

A store can be translated into different languages with the help of a compatible third-party app that you can find on the Shopify App Store.

A theme suitable for translations

All free themes from Shopify are compatible with different languages, sometimes they may require an update to work properly. Not all the themes have this functionality by default, so in these cases it may require editing the theme’s code.

We can help you:

  • change the language of your Shopify store;
  • choose the translational app that best suits your needs;
  • install and set up the app, solving any possible issues along the way;
  • adjust a theme to being multilingual where possible;
  • translating a store’s checkout;
  • help with your store’s multilingual issues overall.

Translating your store is easy with us, just fill in the form and get the job done!

Please kindly note that the price can change based on your specific requirements.

6 reviews for Shopify Translations

  1. Doug Lowry

    I needed to change the language of my Shopify store so I hired SpurIT. The translation is complete and everything went off without a hitch. I am quite satisfied and, if necessary, I will turn to their help in the future.

  2. Robert D Hanson

    SpurIT team helped me to add multiple currencies to my Shopify store. The job was made excellent! And I have already booked another job from them.

  3. John Garnham

    Working to very tight deadlines they were a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

  4. Patrick Savage

    Spurit helped me make my Shopify store 3 languages: English, German and Dutch. They translated the theme, product descriptions, menus, service pages, checkout and the entire store. Denis and his team helped me to get closer to my customers. I was already ready to create 3 separate sites but got the solution with the least effort and expense. Thank you for your excellent work, valuable advice and help in developing my business.

  5. Eileen F.

    The Spurit team helped me make my Shopify store multilingual. It took quite a while. But everything was done on time and the result met expectations. Everything went smoothly. The communications were top notch. The prices were reasonable. If I need improvements to my store, I’ll order their services again.

  6. Destiny Stone

    Kirill and his team were very reliable and professional during the process of translation of my website. Thank you again!

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