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Subscription options on Shopify

There are different types of subscriptions available on Shopify. Regarding the store management, there is:

  • customer subscription (aka “product subscription”) aimed to help your customers get products from the store on a regular basis by filling out the payment details once;
  • membership subscription which helps you to manage your recurring orders and payments;
  • newsletter or email subscription to collect customer emails;
  • and many more.

Regarding the subscription intervals, there can be:

  • monthly subscription;
  • annual subscription.

Regarding the payment provider, on Shopify you can integrate:

  • paypal subscription and recurring paypal payments;
  • stripe subscriptions and stripe recurring payments.

Shopify subscription service: setting up subscriptions

It’s not possible to set up recurring subscriptions automatically with Shopify as this option is not built into the platform and can be enabled only by downloading an app from the Shopify App Store. You can choose a subscription app depending on your business needs, but generally the majority of them helps you to manage recurring billing, payments, subscription discounts, customize different types of subscription boxes, and more.

3 reviews for Edit Shopify Subscription options

  1. Tonya Hillyard

    I had a problem with implementing of Subscription options in my Shopify store. Kirill, my savior, was able to devise and implement a product that my customers were easily able to subscribe to. It was extremely pleasant and easy to deal with him!

  2. William Busse

    The team members were always there to listen to me and answer my queries. Thank you for the great job!

  3. Chanel Klimmek

    SPURIT helped me to add a product Subscription option to the store and trained me on managing it. I had such a pleasant experience that I have complete confidence in their team handling of all my future projects.

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